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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility is generally included in discussions of socially responsible business practices. The goal, as a socially responsible company, is to engage in business practices that benefit the environment: Preserving natural resources, operating recycling programs, reuse and energy efficiency issues are considered as best practices.

Corporate philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy ranges from financial contributions to employees volunteering time on the clock. It is a company’s way of giving back to its community – local, regional, national or international – through financial donations and non-cash contributions such as time, expertise and tangible goods.

Ethical responsibility

Ethical responsibility is the duty to follow a morally correct path. In companies it involves making decisions that align with that sense of right and wrong, as well as with the law, businesses have ethical responsibilities to their employees, customers and society as a whole. Common ethical issues in companies are: fair working conditions and fair labor practices, transparency, integrity and trust, non discrimination and hazard elimination.

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